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    Richard Hamar

  • Testimonials

    The persons who wrote the testimonials below have used their true first name, unless very unique, but initial for their last name in the interest of privacy. However, each one of them would be willing to talk to any prospective client about the character, skills and manner of representation of Richard and Maria Hamar. These testimonials are merely a sample of the clients represented by Richard and Maria Hamar and many more clients would provide testimonials if space were not an issue

    Julian M.

    Richard and Maria began representing my business more that ten years ago. We fought City Hall at the trial and appellate level and made history. Richard and Maria defended me against an asbestos claim based on property that I leased more than twenty years ago. That case was won on summary judgment and affirmed on appeal. We have also taken on insurance companies and won on each occasion. Perhaps more important than the success we have had together in the courtroom, is the joy of being friends for life-but more like family.

    Sergio A.

    When the bottom fell out of the real estate market, a major national realty company terminated my services as a manager shortly after making an agreement to pay me a monthly salary for six months. Without income, the stress on my family was intense. I called Richard who dealt with their corporate counsel in Chicago and within a short period of time I had the balance of my contract plus an exit agreement that assisted me find another position. This is the second time Richard and Maria were life savers.

    Bill A.

    It is not easy to own a small business, especially one that sells used luxury cars to the public. On the two occasions when lawsuits have been filed, Richard had both cases dismissed with an economical and fair approach. Being fair even though I was being sued was particularly important since Richard understands that good will is everything in my business. I literally sleep better at night knowing that Richard will always be in my corner.

    Aris O.

    I was hurt and concerned when I realized that a childhood friend had betrayed me and my wife. After providing him with seed money for an investment and at first hearing that the business was going great, my calls went unanswered and his attorney sent me a one sided agreement to buy my interest for far less than my investment. I turned to Richard. He dropped everything and flew to Miami and obtained a court order to freeze the bank account and allow me to temporarily take over the business. I saw Maria perform in Court and Richard at the deposition of my childhood friend. It was awesome! My investment has been recovered and we received a premium for my investment plus protection against the debt that had been run up.

    Diana H.

    I suffered a traumatic experience while visiting Hawaii. I was devastated. I lawyer referred me to Richard because he is a member of the Hawaii Bar and trusted by this attorney. The guilty party was very powerful and established in Hawaii. However, Richard obtained justice for me and as a result allowed me to heal. Richard and Maria were always kind and sensitive and I feel that they cared more about my well being than any fee that they were going to realize.