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    Richard Hamar

  • Whether retained by a large insurance company to successfully represent the law partner of one of the most venerable law firms from New York City in an ugly sexual harassment case, or representing Joe the Plumber who is being down on his luck and uninsured, Richard Hamar believes that civil litigation is not really about money. As an example, when representing a high end Porsche dealer who sold a previously owned 911 Targa when there were allegations of faulty valves five days after sale, it was not winning the law suit that mattered, but maintaining the good will and having the disgruntled plaintiff tell his associates that he was treated fairly by the client.
    Richard Hamar’s philosophy of civil litigation is low volume, intense preparation, the use of his oral and published writing skills and most importantly treating clients like family. One aspect of treating a client like family is providing an hourly quote that a client can live with and maintaining affordable overall fees and costs by only doing work that is appropriate for the case. In comparable billings, Richard Hamar is most often 40% of his opponents billing. Mr. Hamar does not handle contingent fee cases because he has an aversion to gambling. Richard Hamar has often lectured to other lawyers. Although he has a vast 35 year experience of trial work, he remains youthful and full of boundless energy due to almost daily yoga, surfing, joy of life and a united and supportive family.